How it all started

As a child I can remember going to the news agents on the way home from school where they had a few arcade machines and watching the big kids playing on games like Missile Command, Defender and Gorf
It didn’t take long for me to become hooked to the point where every bit of cash I had would be spent on saving planet earth from an alien invasion of some sort.
Then one day in the summer holidays a friend from school invited me for a sleepover and it was at his house that I discovered the Atari VCS 2600. Pretty soon he became my best friend and our weekends would be spent in front of the TV chasing each others high scores.
From there it escalated and now, here we are…..

Almost 40 years on and Atari have announced they are about to enter the console market once more with something that looks and promises to be every bit as cool as their original.

What better way to celebrate their comeback than taking a look back at those retro games from yesteryear which started the whole video games console craze and to do so, I built my own mini version.